The Feast Association of Plaça Nova is a cultural, neighborhood and civic nonprofit organization specializing in traditional feasts and various festive folk culture manifestations.

Our entity is heir to the Brotherhood of Sant Roc of Plaça Nova (1589) and the Feast Committee of Sant Roc (1884) and has currently more than one hundred and fifty members.

Its main objective is the study, organization, and execution of the Feast of Sant Roc of Barcelona at Plaça Nova. The oldest street feast of Barcelona, held since 1589.

The entity’s goals also include the participation and cultural diffusion through their groups of popular culture: Giants, dwarves and “big-heads” of Plaça Nova, Festive Bestiary (Eagle of the City, Víbria of Barcelona and he Arpella of the Gothic Quarter), the Devils of the Gothic Quarter, the gralers la Pessigolla, the Percúdium drummers and the children’s giants and bestiary.​