Good morning, about seven o’clock, the mother wakes me up and dressed me in white, red belt, alparjatas of veins and the barretina in the hands. With the dream in the eyes and with the trembling in the knees of emotion of the indicated ones, we go towards the square Nova. Well done, click the traction and start the parade. “Tirin, tirin, the giants” … today is Sant Roc! (Xavier Cordomí)
The exhibition “La Fiesta Vivida, San Roque 1884 – 1983”, scheduled in the framework of the 4 ¼ 425 years of San Roque in Barcelona, ​​is a photographic exhibition with twenty-six large-format images of the Festivals of San Roque in Plaza Nueva , The oldest popular party in the city of Barcelona – celebrated since 1589.
The exhibition shows the unique photographs and descriptions of the years 1884 – year of the constitution of the Festival Commission and with its first images and until 1983 that, with the formation of the Group of the New Plaza, the parties in a stage Of renovation For the recognition of the royal patrimony and the dignity and memory of the neighborhood of the Cathedral.