Friday August 11th
10am Craft Fair.
6pm Inaugural Parade: the head Cu-Cut above the donkey
7:15pm The hoisting of the Heraldic Flag of Sant Roc. Then, Cucanya of Plaça Nova.
7:30pm The Sardanes Dance, with the Popular Cobla of Granollers.
10:30pm Dance with the groups: Morena-Tradipatxanga (10:30) and La Cobleta de la Copeta (11:50)
Saturday August 12th
10am Craft Fair.
11:30am La Festa Catalana with: Music Band and Majorettes from the Music School of Santa Anna of the Vendrell and La Moixiganga of La Geltrú.
6pm Children’s drawing contest.
6:30pm La Festa Catalana with: Dances of Mataró and Giants of the Plaça Nova.
10pm Dancing with the show Crocodile Club with DJ Albert Malla.
Sunday, August 13th
10am Craft Fair.
5:30pm Dog Fair: Canine Exhibition from the Club d’Agility Ciutat Comtal.
7pm Dog Fair: XXXXV Greetings from the neighborhood dogs of Sant Roc.
7:30pm Children’s workshop of devils.
10pm Habaneras concert with Barca de Mitjana group and drinking of burnt rum.
Monday, August 14th
10am Craft Fair.
7:30pm Afternoon of popular and traditional games and Cucanya of Plaça Nova.
10:30pm Dance with the groups: La Mulata (10:30) and Sybarites (11:50)
Tuesday, August 15th
10am Craft Fair.
5:30pm XXXXVI Encounter of Giants.
6pm Parade and dances of the Giants and Big Heads.
6:15pm Performance of the Falcons of Barcelona.
7:15pm Popular Hot Chocolate Drink.
8pm Performance of the Esbart Català de Dansaires, with the Cobla Ciutat of Cornellà.
Wednesday, August 16th, Day of Sant Roc
9:30am Gran Traca (Fireworks).
9:35am Traditional Following of Sant Roc.
10am Craft Fair.
10:30am Mass Service sung at the Basilica del Pi. “Panellets” benediction, song of the Joys of Adoration of Sant Roc and reverence to the relic of the saint.
12am Dances of the festive elements of the Seguici (Following) in the courtyard of the Palau Episcopal.
12:30pm Placement of the Committee’s Green Flag at the Palau Episcopal and floral offering at Sant Roc of Plaça Nova. Dance of the Centenary Giants of the Plaça Nova in the cobla’s version. Dances of the festive elements of the Seguici at the Plaça Nova. Porró Llarg (Long Trickle) of the Plaça Nova.
12:45pm Three Sardanes, with the Cobla Ciutat de Cornellà.
1pm Cucanya of Plaça Nova.
6pm Magic Show with the magician Xarrin Xarrin.
6:30pm Children’s Festival: Puppets with the participation of Cia. Titelles Vergés. Then, launch of the balloon of Capità Munyon and Award Ceremony for the drawing and Cucanya competitions.
7:30pm Children’s Festival: Clowns with the group Pallassos de l’Arlequí.
8pm Cucanya of Plaça Nova.
10:15pm The “Va Tocada” percussion performance.
10:30pm XXXIV The Fireworks of Sant Roc*. 11pm The Fireworks Castle, pyrotechnic.
* Route of fireworks: Plaça Nova, Bisbe, Santa Llúcia, Pla de la Seu, Comtes, Pietat, Bisbe, Sant Sever, Sant Felip Neri, plaça Sant Felip Neri, Montjuïc del Bisbe, Bisbe and plaça Nova.
* Remember, for a better security in fireworks: Dressing: cotton clothing, long sleeve, long pants, scarf or hat on
the head, flexible and closed shoes and protect eyes and ears.

During the festival: Photo Competition of Instagram Sant Roc 2017 with the hashtag #428fmsantroc.
Before and until August 13th, exhibitions: “Mirades de gegant. 110 dels Gegants de Sant Roc de la Plaça Nova”
anf “4 1/4 . 425 anys de les Festes de Sant Roc a Barcelona” at La Casa dels Entremesos, plaça de les Beates, 2, free
entrace. Schedule: Thuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1om and from 4pm to 7pm, Sundays and public holiday from 11am to 2pm. Monday closed.