At the Plaça Nova square, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the oldest neighborhood feast of the city is held every August.
Around August 16, on the day of Sant Roc, a feast is held that preserves many unique traditions and festive elements of Barcelona, making it one of the most unique celebrations of the city.

In addition to the usual events of a town feast, it is characterized by centennial celebrations such as the Cucanya, Porró llarg, the buns, the balloon of Captain Munyon, the feast of the dog, the Procession of Sant Roc and the singing of joys.

The celebrations are organized by the Feat Association of Plaza Nueva. We welcome you next August, either as public or as part of the organization.

On 21 March 2017, the Government has declared the Festes de Sant Roc de la Plaça Nova at Heritage Festival of National Interest, and has joined the statement in the catalog Festive Heritage of Catalonia.


    The exhibition "The Lost Neighborhood", part of the celebrations of the "4 ¼" 425 years of the Feast of Sant Roc of Barcelona in the neighborhood of the Cathedral, is a vision of the neighborhood that was born in the wake of the Roman walls of the city and around the Plaça Nova, which became the vital, commercial, social and festive center of the city for more than six centuries, and the terrible consequences of the opening of Via Laietana first, then the bombing on January 30th 1938 and later the opening of the Avenue of the Cathedral, had for the residents and businesses and for a way to life, work, interact and celebrate that was exceptional, in the heart of the city. And, secondly, how the Feast of Sant Roc, as tradition and heritage of all Barcelona, is still the living testimony of this “lost neighborhood.”